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The Rules API
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Get Started#

Welcome to the SmartThings developer documentation portal!

The SmartThings ecosystem includes over a billion Galaxy devices and Samsung appliances, millions of customers, and an ever-increasing number of partners and developers. We believe that a large ecosystem of partners is the best way to bring joyful and meaningful moments to customers. At SmartThings, we’re working towards a more integrated, innovative, and impactful future. Join us.

SmartThings provides a cohesive platform for IoT devices to interoperate and communicate, enabling smarter living solutions that enrich our world. SmartThings Developers can access a unified set of capabilities, an instant mobile UI, and leverage voice control with Amazon Alexa, Bixby, and Google Assistant.

To achieve this, we provide a robust set of development tools that empower you to build new and innovative user experiences that leverage and enhance the SmartThings Platform.

Bring Your Ideas to Life#

We believe that a great user experience starts with a great developer experience. By integrating with the SmartThings Platform, you’ll be making your product accessible to millions of users. The developer documentation portal is intended to help you learn about the SmartThings Platform and the different types of integrations you can build, and to provide instructions on how you can integrate your product experiences with SmartThings.

Check out The Architecture of SmartThings to learn more about the Platform, or visit Start Developing to bring your ideas to life.