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With integrations to thousands of smart devices, SmartThings is the ideal partner for your utility’s journey to the future of energy management.

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Start Building with SmartThings

Works with SmartThings

Start Building with SmartThings

Ready to add your device or service to the SmartThings ecosystem? Get Works with SmartThings Certified and learn more about our unique integration opportunities.

  • Develop, certify, launch, and promote your devices to millions of users across the Samsung and SmartThings ecosystem.
  • Level up your integrations with differentiating features and automations that enhance your users’ experience.
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Why Partner with SmartThings?

Samsung is the Leading Brand of TVs and Appliances

Samsung is the Leading Brand of TVs and Appliances

Samsung's SmartThings enabled TVs and Appliances add millions of new global smart home users each year.

  • Our 2022+ TV and Family Hub Fridge lines include a SmartThings hub
  • Many of these users are starting their smart home journey now, looking for compatible device brands
Showcase Your Brand to SmartThings’ Vast Global User Base

Showcase Your Brand to SmartThings’ Vast Global User Base

Get your brand in front of SmartThings 100's of millions of users globally.

  • Your brand and devices will be added to our supported devices list, which is our App and website
  • You will have a dedicated partner page on with backlinks to your website
  • Your brand and devices may be showcased at Samsung sponsored events like SDC, CES, IFA, etc.
  • Promote and grow your brand alongside top brands in the world
Co-marketing Opportunities

Co-marketing Opportunities

Co-marketing activities may be accessed for partners who want to build incredible experiences for our users together:

  • Social media campaigns
  • Influencer marketing opportunities
  • Speaking opportunities at industry events
  • Special highlights on
  • Special partner showcase events
  • PR opportunities