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Working With Bixby

You can quickly integrate Bixby support for your SmartThings device integrations.


Currently available with Galaxy Note 9 and SmartThings app 1.7.19 or later.

The following sample use cases demonstrate the Bixby experience:

  • If you connect your air conditioner to SmartThings Cloud, you can control the air conditioner through speech by saying "Raise the temperature of the air conditioner".
  • If you connect your washer machine to SmartThings Cloud, you can also control it through speech by saying "Start washing in the washer" and when you had made a TV, you can speak "TV Channel up".
  • You may also control your television through Bixby by saying "Change the TV channel up" in order to navigate to the next available TV channel.

To integrate the Bixby AI assistant with your SmartThings devices:

  1. Self-publish your device and connect the device to the SmartThings app using the Developer Mode.
  2. Bixby automatically detects your devices and understands the SmartThings capabilities.
  3. You can say, "Hi Bixby, turn on the light". You can also press the Bixby button and say, "Turn on the light".

For a full list of SmartThings Capabilities, visit the Capabilities Reference.

For a full list of Voice Intents you can use with SmartThings Capabilities, visit the Bixby reference documentation.