Color Temperature

class st.zigbee.defaults.colorTemperature.ColorTemperatureConfiguration
cluster: number

ColorControl ID 0x0300

attribute: number

ColorTemperatureMireds ID 0x0020

minimum_interval: number

1 second

maximum_interval: number

3600 seconds (1 hour)

data_type: st.zigbee.data_types.Uint16

the data type class of this attribute

reportable_change: number

16 ()

class st.zigbee.defaults.colorTemperature
zigbee_handlers: table
attribute_configurations: table
capability_handlers: table
default_color_temp_config: st.zigbee.defaults.colorTemperature.ColorTemperatureConfiguration
static color_temperature_handler(driver, device, value, zb_rx)

Default handler for the color temperature attribute on the color control cluster

This converts the Uint16 value of the color temperature attribute on the color control cluster to ColorTemperature.colorTemperature

static set_color_temperature(driver, device, command)

Default handler for the ColorTemperature.setColorTemperature command

This will send the move to color temperature command to the color control cluster

  • driver (ZigbeeDriver) – The current driver running containing necessary context for execution

  • device (st.zigbee.Device) – The device this message was received from containing identifying information

  • command (CapabilityCommand) – The capability command table