class st.zigbee.defaults.windowShade.WindowCoveringConfiguration
cluster: number

WindowCovering cluster ID 0x0102

attribute: number

CurrentPositionLiftPercentage attribute ID 0x0008

minimum_interval: number

0 seconds

maximum_interval: number

600 seconds (10 mins)

data_type: Boolean

the Uint8 class

class st.zigbee.defaults.windowShade
zigbee_handlers: table
attribute_configurations: table
capability_handlers: table
default_window_covering_configuration: st.zigbee.defaults.windowShade.WindowCoveringConfiguration
static default_current_lift_percentage_handler(driver, device, value, zb_rx)

Default handler for current lift percentage attribute on the window covering cluster

This converts the Uint8 value to Open, Close or partially open event

  • driver (Driver) – The current driver running containing necessary context for execution

  • device (st.zigbee.Device) – The device this message was received from containing identifying information

  • value (Uint8) – the value of the current lift percentage of the window covering cluster

  • zb_rx (st.zigbee.ZigbeeMessageRx) – the full message this report came in