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Choosing Your Tools

SmartThings provides a variety of SDKs and toolkits designed to help meet your development needs. This section will assist you in selecting the right tools for your project.

Many SDKs are focused on building specific types of integrations. Visit the Start Developing section to learn more about the types of integrations you can build. Once you know what you are want to build, select an appropriate toolkit below. Note that multiple programming languages may be offered for a single type of integration.


Connected Services#

SmartApp SDKs contain libraries for developing WebHook and AWS Lambda SmartApp Integrations, and assist in interacting with the SmartThings REST API.


The SmartThings CLI#

The SmartThings CLI is a supplement to the SDKs that enables you to run through the entire development process for your integration from the command line. This includes creating and building your project, testing your integration, publishing, and more.