Temperature Measurement

class st.zigbee.defaults.temperatureMeasurement.TemperatureConfiguration
cluster: number

TemperatureMeasurement cluster ID 0x0402

attribute: number

MeasuredValue attribute ID 0x0000

minimum_interval: number

30 seconds

maximum_interval: number

300 seconds (5 mins)

data_type: st.zigbee.data_types.Int16

the Int16 class

reportable_change: number

16 (.1 C)

class st.zigbee.defaults.temperatureMeasurement
zigbee_handlers: table
attribute_configurations: table
capability_handlers: table
default_temperature_configuration: st.zigbee.defaults.temperatureMeasurement.TemperatureConfiguration
static temp_attr_handler(driver, device, value, zb_rx)

Default handler for Temperature measured value on the Temperature measurement cluster

This converts the Int16 value of the temp measured attribute to TemperatureMeasurement.temperature this will convert to fahrenheit or celsius based on the device data