Thermostat Cooling Setpoint

class st.zigbee.defaults.thermostatCoolingSetpoint
zigbee_handlers: table
attribute_configurations: table
capability_handlers: table
static thermostat_cooling_setpoint_handler(driver, device, value, zb_rx)

Default handler for the occupied cooling setpoint value attribute on the thermostat cluster

This converts the Int16 value of the occupied cooling setpoint attribute on the thermostat cluster to ThermostatCoolingSetpoint.coolingSetpoint

static set_cooling_setpoint(driver, device, command)

Default handler for the ThermostatCoolingSetpoint.setCoolingSetpoint command

This will send a write to the occupied cooling setpoint attribute in the thermostat cluster, followed by a delayed read of the same attribute to confirm

  • driver (Driver) – The current driver running containing necessary context for execution

  • device (st.Device) – The device this message was received from containing identifying information

  • command (CapabilityCommand) – The capability command table