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SmartApp Registration

After creating your SmartApp, the next step is registering it with SmartThings. This topic will walk you through the registration process using the Developer Workspace.


Ensure that your WebHook has an HTTPS URL. You can use free tools such as ngrok or Let’s Encrypt to enable your WebHook with HTTPS (SSL/TLS).


Create Project

If you haven't already done so, create a new project from the project creation page in Developer Workspace. Select Automation, give it a name, and click CREATE PROJECT.


  1. From the project Overview, click REGISTER APP. This will open a configuration page with a few sections.
  2. Select the hosting type and enter a Target URL or ARN(s) respectively.
    • Ensure the URL is HTTPS if hosting via webhook endpoint.
  3. Add a display name and description.
  4. Select the OAuth2 scopes that your app may require.
  5. Select whether you will allow single or multiple SmartApp Instances. Multiple instances allow users to install this SmartApp more than once, with different configurations in the same location.
  6. Add any custom parameters used in your SmartApp code.
  7. Click SAVE.