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Required Capabilities


Custom Capabilities are not supported by the WWST certification program at this time.

When submitting your device for Works with SmartThings certification, you will select a device category for your device that best fits your device type and functionality. Devices submitted for WWST certification must contain a minimum set of Capabilities based on the selected device category. The table below lists each device category and the associated required Capabilities. Your device must contain at a minimum all required Capabilities listed for your device category before you submit for certification.

Your device may contain any Capabilities (in addition to the required Capabilities) supported by the SmartThings platform. The Capabilities supported by your device will affect the cost of certifying your device. The table below also contains suggested Capabilities for each device category. These recommended Capabilities may enhance the user experience of your device depending on your device's features, but are not required.

Before submitting your device for certification, you can obtain a list of all test cases associated with a particular Capability by submitting a support ticket.


If your device supports firmware updates, we recommend adding the optional firmwareUpdate Capability to your device.


The refresh Capability is required for all devices that support reading attribute values. Most devices fall into this group. Stateless devices that do not have readable attributes, such as a button device with no battery Capability, may omit refresh. Devices with a mix of readable and stateless Capabilities must include refresh and respond to the refresh command with the current values of all readable attributes. Users can read the attribute values of these devices with the pull-to-refresh gesture in the SmartThings mobile app.

Device CategoryRequired CapabilitiesSuggested Capabilities
Air Purifier
  • switch
  • airPurifierFanMode
  • temperatureMeasurement
  • tvocMeasurement
  • relativeHumidity
  • carbonDioxideMeasurement
  • carbonMonoxideMeasurement
  • carbonMonoxideDetector
  • filterStatus
Air Quality Detector
  • airQualitySensor
  • tvocHealthConcern (tvoc based sensor only)
  • dustSensor
  • fineDustSensor
  • dustHealthConcern
  • fineDustHealthConcern
  • tvocMeasurement
  • energyMeter
  • powerMeter
  • videoStream or webrtc
  • motionSensor
  • imageCapture (required only if your device supports this functionality)
  • battery (required only if your device supports this functionality)
  • videoCamera
  • soundDetection
  • audioStream
  • soundSensor
  • switch
  • cameraPreset
  • videoCapture

Not finding a device category that fits your product? Contact us by submitting a support ticket to see if we have a solution that fits your needs.