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Test Your Device

Before submitting for Works with SmartThings Certification, you must verify your integration meets the following requirements:


  • Pair to the SmartThings app and/or hub.
  • Unpair and delete from the SmartThings app and/or hub.

Mobile UI/Metadata

  • Names and icons are visible and properly displayed in the list of devices in the SmartThings app.
  • Device names, icons, and Capabilities are displayed on the device information page in the SmartThings app.
  • Clear error messages are displayed to the user in the event of a failure or crash.
  • State changes are accurately reflected in the SmartThings app.

Main Functionality

  • Your device conforms with Capability Attribute and Command schema.
  • State changes from the SmartThings app, hub, or cloud are reflected on the device.
  • Your device properly responds to events from the mobile app or to Automations (including Scenes and Routines) with low latency.
  • Features match use case descriptions and all functionality is detailed in the documentation and/or product description.
  • Name, device literature, and promotional materials accurately reflect the device's functionality.
  • A live, valid support URL is included in your SmartThings Workspace/Console submission.
  • Comply with the Terms and Conditions governing the use of SmartThings devices/services.

For Cloud and Direct Connected Devices, your product must pass the self-assessment checklist. You can download the self-assessment checklist in the final step of creating your device through the Developer Workspace.