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Apply for Certification


Devices with custom Capabilities are not supported by the Works with SmartThings certification program at this time.

Before Certifying Your Integration#

  • Self-Testing: Complete all QA and beta testing before submitting your product for WWST certification. You should not consider WWST Certification as an opportunity for testing functionality of your product. If you fail Certification testing with the Authorized Test Provider, there may be associated costs for re-testing your integration.

  • Approved Brand: Your integration must to be published under a valid brand name. You must be an authorized representative of the brand. Ensure your brand is approved prior starting a Certification request.

  • Product Policies: Even if functional requirements are met, certification may be denied if it violates our Product Policies or compromises the value of SmartThings.

  • Product Delivery: You must send two of each model of the device to the test provider before testing can proceed. If you plan to apply for certification for multiple devices with similar functionality (such as different colors or shapes), your products may qualify for Certification by Reference. Please contact our team to avoid duplication of testing.

  • Other Agreements: Besides the Samsung Account Privacy Policy and SmartThings Developer Terms of Service agreements you accepted to become a SmartThings Developer, there may be additional legal agreements required.

Submit a Pull Request#


This step applies only to Hub Connected Devices. All other device integrations skip to Submit a Certification Request.

Submit a pull request containing your Edge Driver changes against the SmartThingsEdgeDrivers public repository. You will be entering your pull request URL into the SmartThings Console in a later step. Your pull request will automatically be merged once your device is certified.

You will also be asked to associate your product with a driver and fingerprint in the Console. The driver package is uploaded and associated with your organization ID during the development process using the SmartThings CLI (we recommend using an existing Edge Driver and simply adding your device's fingerprint).

If your driver and fingerprint do not appear in the Console dropdown menu when creating your product in the Console, you can use the following command in the SmartThings CLI to upload your driver and associate it with your organization ID:

smartthings edge:drivers:package [path_to_dir] -O [organization_id]

Submit a Certification Request#

Hub Connected Devices (Matter, Zigbee, Z-Wave):

After testing your product and submitting an Edge Driver pull request, add your product info in the SmartThings Console and submit a new certification request:

  1. Visit the SmartThings Console and click Products.
  2. Enter your Product Details and click save.
  3. Click Certifications in the left-side panel.
  4. Start a new certification request by selecting your product from the drop-down list.
  5. Fill out the Request Details and submit your certification request.

Cloud Connected, Direct Connected, and Mobile Connected Devices:

After developing, testing, and registering your product in the Developer Workspace, fill out the certification application form. The completed application form must be submitted when requesting certification in the Developer Workspace as follows:

  1. Click your project in the Developer Workspace.
  2. Click Publish - Publish Request in the left panel.
  4. Select "Works With SmartThings (WWST)" Certified Device.
  5. Fill out the Request Details and submit it with your certification application.

If "Certified Device" is not enabled or there is no such menu, contact our team to apply for certification.

Submission Review#

Our certification team will review the submitted application according to our Product Policies within 3 working days. When your application is approved, you and the Authorized Testing Partner will be notified. If there is an error in the application, we will guide you on how to correct it.

Testing Quote#

The Authorized Test Provider will issue a price quote for certifying your device. See the pricing guide for estimated test costs. Once you accept the quote, the Test Provider will provide guidance on shipping your product. If you deny the quote, your certification request will be cancelled.

The test plan and test scope are determined by the following:

  • The type of device and the functionality that you use to connect with SmartThings
  • The Capabilities that your product supports
  • The technical specifications of your product
  • The compatibility of countries in which you want the product published
  • Any additional work according to the characteristics of your products

Multiple devices sharing features can save time and cost with bulk pricing.

Ship Your Device#

After accepting your certification quote, the Authorized Test Provider will provide guidance on shipping your product. Depending on the size or type of product, you may need to ship either the entire product or a working, representative component. At least two identical devices must be shipped to confirm the normal operation of the product. Functional tests are provided in the United States and South Korea. You can choose either region. If possible, we recommend a location close to the market where the product will be released.


Direct Connected Devices that require supplemental testing may be sent to partner laboratories in Germany or China for security review.

Device Testing#

The Authorized Test Provider will validate that your product complies with the Works with SmartThings performance requirements. After the testing provider finishes testing, they will provide you with a copy of the results and will send the results to the WWST team for review. This process takes about 10 working days.


If your product does not pass the test plan, you will be proved with re-test instructions. After correcting any issues, you can request a re-test. A re-test will check only the failed items.

Testing Guidelines#

All integrations will be thoroughly tested as part of the WWST certification process. Specific testing will be determined based on the type of product you submit for certification. For example, testing for motion sensors will be different from light bulbs.


Hub Connected
  • Pairing and Onboarding
  • Control via Capabilities
  • Verification
  • Device Reset
  • UI/UX Content
  • Cloud Connected
  • Onboarding
  • Control via Capabilities
  • Cloud Connectivity
  • Rate Limit Compliance
  • Direct Connected
  • Pairing
  • Control via Capabilities
  • Security Review
  • Mobile Connected
  • Pairing Connectivity (including reconnection by proximity BLE)
  • Control via Capabilities
  • UI/UX Content
  • Connected Services

  • Authorization Content
  • Privacy Policies
  • Rate Limit Compliance
  • Publish Your Device#

    Hub Connected Devices (Matter, Zigbee, Z-Wave):

    Hub Connected Devices will automatically be published to the SmartThings catalog once certified.

    Cloud Connected, Direct Connected, and Mobile Connected Devices:

    If your device passes testing, you can publish your product from the Developer Workspace. You can select a date to publish your device that is at least 3 days after the date your device passed certification.

    When certification is complete, the Works with SmartThings logo can be used for your product and package. The logo and guidelines can be downloaded as part of our press kit. SmartThings compatible (legacy program) and non-certified products are restricted from using the logo. If you want to use the logo, please follow the Works with SmartThings certification procedure above.

    Certified products can be displayed in the SmartThings app and website, helping customers find the products they need. In order to expedite the process, we have created this form to collect the following product information:

    • Lifestyle Images
    • Product Descriptions
    • Product Images
    • Brand Images
    • Buy Now Links

    Additionally, customers must be able to contact you with support questions. Ensure your integration, support URLs, and contact information are included.

    Additional information#

    Tracking Your Certification#

    After you submit your product for certification, you can view your certification request on the Certification page. You can track the status of your certification request in the status column. See below for an explanation of status codes:

    • SUBMISSION RECEIVED: The certification application has been received. The test provider will issue a quote. If there are any errors in the application form, we will guide you on how to correct them.
    • WAITING FOR DEVICE: The test provider is waiting for the devices.
    • TESTING: The device has been delivered and testing is in progress.
    • PASSED: The product has passed the certification test. It has not yet been released to users, and the WWST logo may be used on products.
    • FAILED: You did not accept a quote for the re-test.
    • PUBLISHED: The product has been registered in the SmartThings catalog. The certification process is complete.
    • CANCELLED: The certification request has been cancelled.

    Brand Management in Developer Workspace#

    Here's how to create and manage your brand. The applied brand name and logo will be displayed to users in the SmartThings app. If you use others' trademarks or use inappropriate images, your request may be rejected.

    1. Register your company information or join an organization that has already been created.
    2. Change the workspace to your company at the top-right in the Developer Workspace.
    3. You can manage brand information. For more information, visit the Developer Workspace.


    If we reject your submission, review the Testing Guidelines. Once you have verified your changes, you can re-submit your device for WWST certification. Note: fees may be incurred by the Certification vendor for multiple rounds of testing. For getting additional troubleshooting support is needed to complete certification, visit the SmartThings Developer Documentation or Community forums. If you believe we have erred in our rejection, you may file an appeal using this form. Filing an appeal is not a guarantee of success, but we will give your appeal fair consideration.

    Release Management#

    You cannot change your integration after certification is complete. In order to upgrade your integration or change the content, you will need to version your WWST certification submission using the Developer Workspace. For more information, visit the Publish section of the Developer Workspace.