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Publish Your Device

Before publishing your device to the SmartThings catalog, you'll need to get your devices Works with SmartThings certified. WWST certification provides a host of benefits for both partners and consumers - we encourage you to read more about WWST certification in the certification section.

Below, you can find a high-level overview of the Works with SmartThings certification process for Hub Connected Devices:

  1. Get Started in the Edge Device Builder
    After joining your device to your SmartThings-compatible hub using the SmartThings app, we recommend starting the certification process with the Edge Device Builder. This tool will help you select an existing Edge Driver that best fits your device. Be sure to thoroughly test your device before submitting for certification.
  2. Submit Your Certification Request in the Certification Console
    After selecting a Device Profile and Edge Driver in the Edge Device Builder, you're ready to create a certification request in the Certification Console. In the Console, add your product information and complete a certification request (when using the Edge Device Builder, some device info will be auto-populated for you).
  3. Ship Your Device
    Your certification request will be passed to an Authorized Test Provider, who will issue a price quote for certifying your device. After accepting your quote, ship your device to the Authorized Test Provider according to the instructions (may vary based on region).
  4. Certification Testing
    Once the Test Provider has received your device, they will begin certification testing. Test results will be delivered to you within 10 working days. If a re-test is required, a quote for additional tests will be issued.
  5. Publish Your Device
    Your product will automatically be published in the SmartThings catalog once certified, and you will be permitted to use the WWST logo and press kit. Please contact us at if you would like to schedule an alternative publishing date.

You can find more details about each step in the certification section.

Get Started

The easiest way to start the certification process is with the Edge Device Builder. This web-based tool helps match your Hub Connected Device with a pre-built Device Profile and submit for certification without the need to write code or modify existing drivers.

After selecting an Edge Driver for your device, the Certification Console allows you to manage your certification submission, including defining device onboarding profiles, managing your brand, and submitting certification requests.


In the rare case that you do not find an existing Driver and Device Profile that match your desired user experience and wish to create a custom Edge Driver, contact us at before proceeding.

Driver modification will require you to submit a pull request against the SmartThingsEdgeDrivers GitHub repository containing your changes. Your device may also require additional review during certification.

Reasons you may want explore a new Device Profile:

  • The existing profiles do not have the set of capability combinations your user experience requires.

Reasons you may want to explore a new sub-driver:

  • Your capability handling executes in a manner different from any existing sub-driver. 

Included in Your Console Submission

After completing the Edge Driver selection process in the Edge Driver Builder and testing your device, you are now ready to seek Works with SmartThings certification. You can submit a certification request through the Certification Console.

✅ Product

Your product is the device you are seeking to certify. When creating a new product in the Certification Console, you will define unique attributes of your device, including your product name, model number, and description.

You will also be asked to provide integration details, including your device protocol type, driver, device fingerprint, device profile, and more. If using the Edge Device Builder, many of these fields will be auto-populated for you.


If you are customizing an existing Edge Driver, you will need to submit a pull request containing your Edge Driver changes against the SmartThingsEdgeDrivers public repository for each device seeking certification. After submitting your pull request, you will enter the URL of your pull request into your Console submission. Be sure to review the Code Formatting and Submission Criteria below before starting development.

✅ Brand

Your company brand name and logo are displayed in the SmartThings app, where users can discover and integrate with your device. Your company can have more than one brand displayed in the SmartThings app, but each device can only appear under a single brand name.

✅ Onboarding Profile

An onboarding profile is a set of screens with pairing and troubleshooting instructions the user will see when adding your device for the first time. The same onboarding profile can be used for multiple product submissions if the instructions are the same. This name will be displayed under the Brand and device category in the SmartThings app. If your device is available in multiple languages, provide translations for each language by selecting the applicable language and adding the translated text in the area provided.

Next Steps

After you submit your certification request, SmartThings will review your request and contact you with your next steps. Read about the certification review process in-depth in Apply for Certification.