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Get Started with Hub Connected Devices

Hub Connected Devices connect to a SmartThings-compatible Hub using the Matter, Zigbee, Z-Wave, or LAN protocols, allowing you to view and control your devices from SmartThings clients and incorporate these devices into Automations and more.

✅ Backed by SmartThings Edge Drivers

SmartThings Edge Drivers serve as the translator between device-specific protocols - including Matter WiFi & Thread, Zigbee, and Z-Wave - and the SmartThings Capability model, allowing your device to seamlessly interoperate on the SmartThings platform. Edge drivers enable Hub Connected Devices to run locally on the Hub, offering a number of benefits including speed, reliability, and enhanced functionality. Learn more about what powers SmartThings Edge Drivers in the Edge Architecture section.

Bring Your Device to the SmartThings Platform

SmartThings provides two main tools that work in unison for developing and publishing your device on the SmartThings platform:

  • The Edge Device Builder
    If you want to bring your device to the SmartThings platform, we recommend getting started with the Edge Device Builder. This code-free solution provides a web-based interface for you to select the capabilities of your device and choose a pre-configured Edge Driver for your device. Using the Edge Device Builder is quick, easy, and efficient.
  • The Certification Console
    After matching your device with an Edge Driver in the Edge Driver Builder, the Certification Console will help you submit a certification request for your devices and manage existing certification submissions, including defining device onboarding profiles and managing your brand.

Ready to get started? Visit Publish Your Device to bring your devices to SmartThings!


Check out the latest Samsung developer blog post to see the Edge Device Builder in action.