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Enroll in a Shared Channel and Install Drivers

After receiving a Driver Channel invitation URL, you can add your Hub(s) to the shared Driver Channel and install any SmartThings Edge Device Drivers available on the shared channel.


Third-party Edge Drivers are not maintained or reviewed by SmartThings. Please contact the developer of the shared driver for driver-related support.

Accept a Driver Channel Invitation and Enroll a Hub in the Channel

To accept a Driver Channel invitation and enroll a Hub associated with your Samsung account in the shared channel:

  1. Navigate to the channel invitation URL.
  2. Sign in to your Samsung account.
  3. Click Accept. You will be directed to the Edge Drivers web page and presented with a list of your Hubs.
  4. Find the Hub you wish to enroll in the channel and click Enroll.

Installing a Driver From a Shared Channel onto a Hub

After accepting the the Driver Channel invitation at the shared channel URL:

  1. Click Available Drivers under the Hub enrolled in the shared channel.
  2. Select the driver you wish to install and click Install.