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Release Notes


Feb 13

  • Bug fixes and improvements.

Feb 6

  • Updated Interaction Types to reflect that if your cloud connected device is deleted, offline, or unavailable, you must you must send the appropriate DEVICE-DELETED, DEVICE-OFFLINE or DEVICE-UNAVAILABLE device error enum as part of the command response, device state callback, and state refresh.

Jan 30

  • The Certification by Reference (CxR) program is now called Certification by Similarity (CbS). The CbS program allows device manufacturers seeking WWST certification for multiple products with similar functionality to save time and money. Visit Certification by Similarity to learn more.
  • Bug fixes and improvements.


Dec 12

Nov 28

Oct 31

  • Bug fixes and improvements.

Oct 24

Oct 17

  • Updated the syntax for showing a unit for the state display type in a Custom Capability.
  • Bug fixes and improvements.

Oct 4

Aug 21

  • Edge Driver Reference documentation updated to support Hubcore v0.49.
  • The new search parameters optional Edge Driver component can be used to control when a LAN driver runs discovery. Learn more in Driver Components and Structure.
  • Bug fixes and improvements.

Aug 15

Aug 1

  • Added support for Modes API endpoints. Modes are associated with Locations and can be used as Automation conditions and triggers.

Jun 27

  • Bug fixes and improvements.

Jun 6

  • Edge Driver Reference documentation updated to support Hubcore v0.48.
  • Bug fixes and improvements.

May 23

Apr 25

Apr 11

  • Updated Edge Driver Reference documentation to include mDNS Service Discovery APIs.

Mar 14

  • Bug fixes and improvements.

Feb 28

Jan 24

  • Bug fixes and improvements.

Jan 10

  • Added support for Embedded Device Configurations. This feature enables you to embed your Device Configuration into your Edge Driver.
  • Clarified WWST certification guidelines to reflect that each device seeking certification must have its own pull request.
  • Bug fixes and improvements.


Dec 6

Oct 24

Sept 13

  • Bug fixes and improvements.

Aug 23

  • Edge Driver Reference documentation updated with support for hubcore v0.44.9.
  • Added documentation for the SmartThings Schema visibility and unit properties.
  • Bug fixes and improvements.

Aug 16

  • Bug fixes and improvements.

Aug 2

  • Clarified the circumstances under which integration tests for Edge devices are required for WWST certification requests.
  • Added SmartThings CLI installation instructions.

July 19

  • Bug fixes and improvements.

July 5

  • Bug fixes and improvements.

June 7

  • Edge Driver Reference documentation updated with support for hubcore v0.43.

May 31

May 10

  • Revised the Rules developer documentation to align with the terminology found in the Rules API documentation.
  • Documented the trigger Rule Operand. Use trigger to manually specify which Conditions can trigger a Rule.
  • Documented the browser Connected Service option. Use the browser option in your Connected Service to execute the OAuth flow in an external browser.
  • Bug fixes and improvements.

April 26

April 19

  • Expanded the Edge Driver Fingerprints section.
  • Edge Driver Reference documentation updated with support for hubcore v42.
  • Bug fixes and improvements.

April 12

April 7

  • Upon sending a SmartThings Schema callback request, you will now receive a 202 accepted status indicating your request is being processed (previously you would receive a 204 confirmation status). If an error occurs during processing, you will receive a corresponding error code and interaction result.
  • Added new Capability display type statelessPowerToggle.
  • Minor updates to the SmartThings CLI documentation.
  • Bug fixes and improvements.

Mar 29

Mar 15

  • URLs are now indicated by blue text instead of bold text.
  • Added new quick links section to the Welcome page.

Mar 8

  • Locations API
    • Create a Location:
      • The return type from a POST request is now CreateLocationResponse (previous return type: Location).
      • The 200 response to a POST request no longer returns the lastModified or allowed properties.
    • Update a Location:
      • The return type from a PUT request is now UpdateLocationResponse (previous return type: Location).
      • The 200 response to a PUT request no longer returns the allowed property.

Mar 1

  • Clarifications and enhancements to the SmartThings Edge documentation.
  • Minor bug fixes.

Feb 15

  • Documented the new allowed list property you may encounter in the response payload from a request to a SmartThings API entity. This list contains action identifiers that provide information about what actions are permitted by the requesting user’s authorization token.
  • New SmartThings Edge capability event metadata section added to the Edge Device Driver Reference. These additional, optional fields can be specified for a capability event on creation.
    • The state_change field allows you to explicitly inform the platform that an event, such as a double button press, is a state change.
    • The visibility field allows some control over how the event is displayed and stored by SmartThings
  • Clarified the behavior of Rules when controlling multiple devices.
  • Documented the existing 100 character limit for Rule names.
  • Minor updates to The Architecture of SmartThings, including a small note about the SmartThings Cloud and Edge.
  • Bug fixes.

Feb 4

Feb 1

Jan 4


Dec 14

Dec 7

Nov 9

  • Moved “Device Categories” list to Device Profiles topic for more visibility.
  • Revisions to NodeJS SmartApp documentation, including enhanced readability & clarity and links to related documentation.

Oct 26

  • Revisions to SmartApp SDK - Java documentation, including enhanced readability and clarity, plus links to relevant documentation.
  • Updated SmartApp testing documentation to reflect that developer mode in the SmartThings app is no longer required for testing your SmartApp.
  • New API endpoint coodrinate added.

Oct 12

Sept 28

  • New noteworthy Capabilities added:
    • moldHealthConcern is used to monitor mold sensors.
    • dewPoint is used to retrieve the dew point temperature reading.
  • Added new SmartApp hosting guidance documentation - choose the right hosting solution for your SmartApp.
  • Edge documentation updates including bug fixes and minor code example updates.
  • SmartThings CLI documentation improvements including bug fixes, clarification, and reorganization of content.

Sept 14